Stone Brownies, Kymera and Monica, wanted to celebrate the recent birth of Prince George and so after discussion with the other Brownies they decided that it was party time!

Everyone dressed as a prince or princess and played games such as ‘pass the crown’ and ‘musical thrones’ as well as enjoying some lovely food.

2nd Stone Brownie leader, Helen Whetnall, wanted the Brownies to have a memento of the occasion and hunted the shops for key rings or other similar merchandise, all to no avail. She then contacted Emma Bridgewater Pottery to see if they did any small, reasonably priced items for her to purchase. Much to Helen’s surprise, they presented the Brownies with a half pint Prince George mug free of charge!

Leigh Willot, Emma Bridgewater’s Design Studio Manager, thought that it was such a lovely idea to have a party to celebrate the birth of our future king that she wanted to

help their celebrations by giving them something special as a keepsake.

They really did make the party special for the Brownies and gave them something to treasure forever.

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