Girlguiding Staffordshire Booking Policy

Making a Booking
Booking requirements and arrangements vary for each event. Check the event pages on the county website website carefully to ensure you don’t miss any opening and closing dates.

In the majority of cases bookings can be done online. If online booking is not available then booking forms will be available on the event’s web page.

For events that have booking opening dates, these dates are fixed – you will not be able to book before this date.

Bookings are open to those members stated on each event. Unless otherwise stated, there is no selection process, but please note numbers are limited for all events. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Paying for the Event
Booking dates are well in advance of each event to give you plenty of time to plan financially. Different events have different payment plans, outlined below.
a) For events that are booked online. Once you have received your booking confirmation email please send your payment to the address specified. You will have 14 days to pay. If we do not receive your payment within 14 days then your place can be cancelled and offered to someone else.
b) For events that require a booking form. Send the booking form and payment on the date that bookings open to confirm your place.

Failure to provide payments by the required date(s) can result in your places being offered to others.

Manual Requirements
All current Guiding Manual requirements must be met so please check these carefully. There may also be additional restrictions or requirements for each event. You will be advised of these in good time.

Ratios and Extra Adults
Leaders must follow the ratios for activities and residential events in the current Guiding Manual unless otherwise stated. Please consider carefully how many Leaders are needed for each event. As demand for many of our events is high, it may not be possible to accommodate extra adults if this reduces the number of spaces available to girls.

Leaders’ Children
Please think carefully about bringing your own children to an event – they may be taking up places that could have gone to Girlguiding Staffordshire’s members. If, after looking at all alternatives, your unit cannot take part in an event without you taking your children it may be possible to accommodate them.

Please note that if children of volunteers attend activities or events outside of the unit meeting place the adult:child ratios listed in the Girlguiding Manual must apply. Please note, the adult(s) assigned to supervise children of volunteers cannot also count in the ratio for the rest of the unit.

DBS Checks
All volunteers aged 18 or over who are staying overnight at a residential event must have completed the recruitment check process (non-member volunteers should be assigned the role of Residential Occasional Helper on Go!).

The Small Print
The information provided for all events is believed to be correct at the time of publication (either online or in print), but Girlguiding Staffordshire cannot guarantee that details, dates and requirements will not change if circumstances beyond their control change. Any changes will be detailed on the Girlguiding Staffordshire website.

Cancellation Policy
It may be possible to replace a member who has dropped out with another Girlguiding Staffordshire member of the same section and/or age group – Girlguiding Staffordshire must be informed of any such changes.

If Girlguiding Staffordshire has to cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances we will do our best to make refunds, less any costs that have be incurred until that point. Refunds are not guaranteed.

All deposits and payments for events are non-refundable.

In some cases there are waiting lists for events and we may be able to offer a unwanted place to someone on the waiting list. In this case it may be possible to offer a refund although this is not guaranteed.

‘No Show’ at Event
All events are costed on the number of places booked as of the closing date

When you book your unit onto an event it is assumed that you have parental permission and received payment or have the collection of money in place.

If you do not attend an event without a minimum of 28 days notice you will be liable for the full cost of each reserved place. An invoice will be sent to you for immediate settlement.

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