Look what 2nd Stone Brownies in Stone have created toshare with their Community!

What a lovely site that greets you as you walk towards the town of Stone and we thought we’d share it with you as well.  A community flower bed has been planted by 2nd Stone Brownies and their leaders with all sorts of intriguing details.

The layout and planting supports the RHS theme this year of Biodiversity, Recycling and Reusing and they have certainly made the most of that subject area. The garden has been divided into different sections to attract and support as many different types of wildlife as possible. There is a hedgehog house, ladybird lodges, and bee B & B’s!! They have a creepy crawly den, an insect hideaway, bird feeders and plants to attract butterflies.

Old tyres and children’s wellies have been recycled as planters and some of the planting has been utilised from last year. And tucked away in a corner watching over the garden is a flower pot man who of course has been made from recycled plant pots.

The garden is full of brightly coloured signs and stones that the Brownies have painted. They even planted some of the seeds themselves and nurtured them until they were ready to plant into the garden. Together with making the birdfeeders and bee hotels and helping to plant the bed as well, they have had a very busy time. So, ‘how does your garden grow’?  Because we think this one in Stone is ‘BLOOMING MARVELLOUS’

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