We have launched a brand new three-week challenge – “Grown-ups in Guiding” – or GiG for short. The aim is for parents/carers to get an insight into how a unit runs, the type of activities our girls do and potentially encourage them to volunteer as a leader themselves.

Each grown-up signs up for a three week period to help with their daughter’s unit. We suggest each unit only has one grown-up at a time to ensure they can fulfil their role each week.

Week 1: Grown-up comes along for the week to observe what goes on during a meeting, joins in with games and chat.
Week 2: Grown-up joins in with a group taking an active part in the activity, joins in with games and chat.
Week 3: Grown-up leads a pre-planned game, and/or an activity. Leader chats to grown-up to see if they would like to continue to help and if so, what role they would like. Grown-up registers on GO.

The ‘girl’ whose grown-up has come along and completed the three week challenge receives a badge. The grown-up will get a certificate.

The challenge is designed to encourage new people to volunteer so if a mum is already volunteering in her daughter’s unit then the unit leader may wish to purchase a badge and certificate to be presented.

If the adult has more than one girl in the unit she completes the challenge in, the unit/adult can either purchase an extra badge or complete another 3 weeks.

If an adult has a girl in another section she will need to complete the challenge in that section to earn the girl a badge. This will include adults already volunteering, e.g. a Brownie leader would need to complete 3 weeks in her daughter’s Rainbow unit.

Before each grown-up takes part them must receive and read a copy of the Unit Safety Guidelines.

Each unit has received an initial pack of badges, certificates and unit safety guidelines. 

Additional packs can be ordered for £1 each (plus postage) by emailing county.projects@girlguidingstaffordshire.org.uk








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