We will be capturing the history of Girlguiding Staffordshire over the last 100 years using videos, interviews, exhibitions, photographs and stories to show everyone how Guiding has changed in Staffordshire since 1917.

We have many commemorative projects planned for 2017 which include the creation of a division bunting and videos showing pictures and interviews from people who were part of the guiding movement in Staffordshire in each of the 10 decades.

Our biggest projects for capturing the history will be: completing an exhibition roadshow which will travel to five locations in the county showing everyone the progression of Girlguiding Staffordshire over the past 100 years as well as demonstrating how amazing it is today; creating a multimedia Time Tunnel at our county Sparkle event.

A commemorative souvenir book is being produced which will have photographs and stories from the last 100 years with a special section at the end which shows how Girlguiding Staffordshire celebrated this special year.

Keep an eye on the County Newsletter, our website, app and Facebook page for further updates.

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