PR & Membership Growth

PR & Membership Growth Useful Information


Below are the links to a number of pages that you may find useful to help you with your Membership Growth campaigns. 

* Girlguiding’s Main Membership Growth Page.

* Find out more about Flexible Guiding.

* Get more information on Starting a New Unit.

* Find out more about supporting your new volunteers.

* Grants.


Girlguiding Writing Style Guide


Top Tips – Girlguiding has a few top tips when writing about or for guiding. These include the tone of voice, capitalisation of words, a house style as well a list of common terms all which will help ensure you produce correct and consistent content for your writing.

‘How To’ Guides

We have put together a series of simple ‘How To’ Guides to help you with growth & retention in your area.

Setting Up A Division Facebook Page – We have put together this little guide to help you create your own division Facebook page and give you some ideas on how to build your presence online

Quick Wins – The very basics of growth & retention don’t need to be costly or time consuming. To improve our image and raise brand awareness to the outside world follow these useful and easy tips.

Social Media Overview  – The media is changing. Printed newspapers now have more online followers than they sell printed copies. With the right support and knowledge we are all capable of becoming social journalists. You don’t need to run an ‘official’ Girlguiding account to grow guiding using social media. Read this how to guide to help you get the most out of social media.

Exhibition Stands – The main purpose of organising a promotional stand at an event is to draw attention to Girlguiding and attract people with the hope of recruiting either new girls or adult volunteers. If we are successful then the message we’re trying to promote can spread far beyond the event itself – this handy guide will show you how.

Membership Growth

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