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Queen’s Guide Award > More Information
The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award you can work towards in guiding. It gives you the chance to develop your skills while contributing to guiding and your local community – at an impressive level!
Download: Queen’s Guide Registration Form


Duke of Edinburgh Award > More Information

The internationally-recognised Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme operates in about 100 countries and has three levels: Bronze (for those aged 14 and over), Silver (for those aged 15 and over) and Gold (for those aged 16 and over).


Young Leader Qualification > More Information

The Young Leader Qualification is designed to help you take an active, positive part in running a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit. It is open to members aged 14 to 18 and is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills to help you in the future.

Once your Young Leader has completed the qualification please download the form and return it to County Headquarters with payment to receive the badge and certificate.
Download: Young Leader Qualification Completion Form


Commonwealth Award > More Information

The Commonwealth Award gives you the opportunity to find out more about the history of guiding and the Commonwealth.


Lead Away Permits > More Information

Taking The Senior Section Permit or Overnight Permit involves planning an indoor or outdoor camp with your peers. It means that you decide on the food, the activities, the people, the location – everything is down to you and your peers, which can be great fun! It is a great way to develop your leadership and organisational skills.

14-18 Section

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