By Monique Worth, Kookaburra Owl, 1st Longdon Brownies

Over the years at Brownies I get to see the girls grow up and I also see their younger siblings looking through our glass door just waiting for the day they can join in the fun and games at Brownies.

This last year has been a special one for us with four sets of sisters, YES I did say 4 sets of sisters all at Longdon Brownies at the same time! From our smallest brownies – Phoebe, Zara and Lizzie, to our oldest brownies Millie, Isobel and Rebecca! Even our Young Leaders Alice and Emily are sisters and all add to the fun at Brownies. Between them they have covered all areas of the Girlguiding Family from Rainbows right up to Senior Section.

I look forward to the follow up photo in a few years’ time when they are all at Longdon Guides

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