The activities this year have been divided into 8 exciting zones; Making Waves, Into the Deep, Lands End, Down to Earth, Inferno, Crossfire, Flying Free and Sky High. Each Guide or Young Leader (with activities) will get to participate in one activity from each section.


Everyone will get some time to chill out. Why not visit the café, play some village green games or go and learn about other cultures in the International tent.


Be prepared to get wet in this zone! Each girl will get the chance to participate in one activity from this zone.

CANOEING (2 hours)
Once you’ve mastered the basic paddling skills, take to the water in your own personal canoe. You’ll develop your skill and precision moving through the water.

Stand or kneel on a paddle board and use a long paddle to glide yourself across the lake. How long can you stay balanced before you fall in?

KATAKANUS (2 hours)
Take to the water with your friends to paddle in perfect time in our catamaran-canoes.

BELL BOATING (2 hours)
Transverse the water in these twin-hulled boats. With so many of you paddling, you will have to work together and in time to make it work.

SAILING (2 hours)
Head onto the water and take control of your own sailing boat, the ultimate wind powered travel experience.

GEM STONES (2 hours)
This is a wet and wild wide game where you are a group of explorers searching for treasure in a magical forest. But beware, the ‘Goldminers’ want to steel your jewels!

TUBING (1 hour)
Get up close and personal with the river on our river tubes which bump and rock you on your river ride.

WATER POLO (1 hour)
No horses involved but great fun trying to beat the other team to the other side of the pool and score points!


CRAFT (2 hours)
This zone is a mixture of smaller table top activities linked to the theme enabling the girls to take a piece of camp home with them. Everyone will get to discover their creative side in this activity.


Get ‘down to earth’ in this zone! Each girl will get the opportunity to participate in one 2-hour activity or two 1-hour activities in this zone.

GEOCACHING (2 hours)
Equipped with GPS devices, try your hand at this high-tech treasure hunting game and send and track your own Travel Bug off on it’s adventures around the world.

CAVING (1 hour)
This activity will take you through underground tunnels in the dark. There will be tight squeezes, sharp bends and lots of fun!

A bit like snow sledging but a lot warmer and on our sledges you get a brake! Go whizzing down the slopes!

Use your creative skills to up-cycle furniture and other materials to sell and raise funds for charity.

ESCAPE ROOM (1 hour)
A test of your mental agility to solve problems to find the ‘keys’ to your next adventure! You have 60 minutes…GO!


Try something new in this zone! Each girl will get the opportunity to participate in one 2-hour activity or two 1-hour activities in this zone.

Try your hand at some alternative methods of cooking. You will never again go hungry whilst in the outdoors once you’ve learned these unique culinary skills.

With a bit of rough and tumble you will have great fun learning what it means to work as an effective team with friends old and new!

CLIMBING (1 hour)
Feel your confidence grow as you climb your way to the summit. Then put your trust in the rope as you lean back and make your way to the bottom of the wall.

Your introduction to the joys of horses! learn how to look after horses and also take a ride!

Enjoy cycling but want something more adventurous? Then enjoy some time ‘off road’ exploring the countryside.

LOW ROPES (1 hour)
Don’t like heights but want to be a bit daring? Test your balancing skills and agility on this purpose built course.


Get competitive in this zone! Each girl will get the opportunity to participate in two 1-hour activities in this zone.

Who has the best aim? Use modified shot guns to fire laser beams at clay targets flying through the air. This activity will test both your skill and accuracy.

FENCING (1 hour)
Learn the historic skills of swordsmanship and score points against your opponent while avoiding be hit yourself using a sabre.

ARCHERY (1 hour)
This activity will require concentration, a steady hand and a measurement of distance and power. Will you be able to hit the bulls eye?

BOCCIA (1 hour)
Roll, throw, kick, or push a set of balls and position them closer to the ‘jack’ than the opposing team. This game is easy to pick up and is incredibly competitive!

Get your dancing shoes on for this activity and learn how to “pop” and “lock” like they do in the movies. You’ll be the envy of everyone once you’ve mastered these moves.

The concept of the game is simple, get more of your stones closer to the centre of the target than your opponents. Knocking theirs out of the way is perfectly acceptable part of the fun!


IT’S A KNOCKOUT (2 hours)
Seen it on the TV—now is your chance to have a go. This is an action packed event filled with a range of exciting games including Bouncy Jousting, Sumo Racing, Bungee Run, Milk the Cows, Down the Drain, some very funny costumes and much, much more! Everyone will get to compete against the rest of their subcamp.


Experience a different kind of travel in this zone! Each girl will get to participate in two 1-hour activities in this zone.

SEGWAYS (1 hour)
It’s two wheeled travel, but not what you might be used to! With a bit of practice (and a pinch of balance), you’ll be whizzing around in no time!

Climb inside a huge inflatable ball and experience the thrill of zorb ball racing. Can you overtake, out-speed and out-smart you friends as you race around the circuit?

AEROBALL (1 hour)
A physically challenging and fun combination of trampolining and basketball. Bounce and pass the ball to your teammates, avoid your opponents and score goals!

It’s basketball but with a twist! Can you do it like the Para-Olympians? How well will you slam dunk on wheels?