Sub Camps

The theme for Unity 2018 is #inmyelement. As such, our four sub camps will be named after the four main elements – air, flame, water and earth.

They say that each one of us has characteristics that align us with a specific element. Which element best suits your personality?
Do you have strong emotions? Are you passionate and temperamental? Are you an achiever full of enthusiasm? If so, you’re best suited to ‘FLAME’.

Maybe you’re charming and mysterious? Are you a more private person who is sensitive and emotional? If so, you are best suited to being a ‘WATER’ element.

Are you a dependable ad reliable person? Are you loyal to your friends and always have practical answers? If so, you’re definitely an ‘EARTH’ element.

Are you full of fun and creativity? Are you full of exciting and adventurous ideas? If so, it sounds like you’re an ‘AIR’ element.
You can find out more about each of the elements and their sub-camps by visiting each of the sub-camp pages.