Unity International Camp 2022


As the plans for Unity 2022 are now starting to progress we would like to hear from all the Guides in Staffordshire as to what they would like to see at Unity 2022.

We have put together an activity pack which has been designed for use during virtual meetings – some of the activities could be adapted for those who are meeting face to face.

The activity pack is designed to last around 45 mins to 1 hour.

The activity pack includes :
* An introduction to Unity
* A few games themed around camp
* A discussion and survey session to understand girls interests.

We would like to request that this activity session is carried out before Christmas. The files for you to download are below.

Leaders’ Instructions For The Meeting

1 Introduction to Unity

2 Kit List Activity

3 If You Could

4a Emoji Campfire Songs Quiz

4b Emoji Campfire Songs Answers

5 Unity Ideas

6 Unity Youth Forum

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