With lots of units holding virtual meetings during lockdown we’ve pulled together some of the best tried and tested activities for you to try with you girls. If you have any additional ideas then please email them to county.projects@girlguidingstaffordshire.org.uk and we’ll add them to the list.

Quick Games – All Sections

  • Musical statues. It’s easy to see who is moving and they mute themselves when they are out.
  • Heads and tails. Hands on heads or over mouth for tails.
  • Knife, fork, spoon. They hold one up and a leader picks one to be out (like corners).
  • Drawing with other body parts. Challenge the girls to draw something with mouths, feet, elbows, eyes closed etc.
  • Who am I? Hold up a character or celeb to the camera and one person has to close their eyes. They then get 10 yes/no questions to guess.
  • Drawing without seeing. Describe what to draw and they try to copy.
  • Scavenger hunt. Can be done with lots of themes e.g colours, brands, quantities etc.
  • I went to a dance class and learned. first person makes a dance move up then next person does that move plus adds one and so on. It’s like ‘I went to the shop and bought’ but physical.
  • 1 minute drawing challenge (such as draw your favourite dinner from the last week) right at the start of your meeting to get the girls talking.
  • If your girls like singing then ‘repeat after me’ songs work better than anything. There might be a small delay but the girls never seem to mind.

All Sections

Virtual escape rooms work well with all sections. You can find a whole host of them read to go at: https://www.raisingedmonton.com/10-online-family-friendly-escape-rooms-you-can-do-with-your-kids-right-now/


  • Imogen, a Guide from Rugeley, has put together this fabulous ‘Around the World’ quiz especially designed for Rainbows. It can be used on Zoom with the ‘share my screen’ function. You can download the quiz here:  Around The World Rainbow Quiz



Guides & Rangers

  • How well do you know Girlguiding? This PowerPoint quiz is perfect for Guides or Rangers. Simply get them to pair the pink squares with a blue square to see how well they know Girlguiding. You can download the quiz here: How well do you know Girlguiding?
  • WAGGGS World Centres Facts! With this PowerPoint quiz the girls need to match each fact to a World Centre. Perfect for helping to teach your Guides and Rangers about the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. You can download the quiz here: World Centres Facts Quiz

Looking Forward

In addition to the actual activities, we have had one unit suggest having a big awards ceremony and party when we finally all come back together to award the badges that the girls have earned during our time away and also ‘bring a friend’ to that party. We think this sounds like a fabulous way to grow your unit’s membership!

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