32nd Stafford brownie pack joined with 21st Stafford and 4th Cannock brownies for a night at the Natural History Museum. Brownie leader, Mandy tells us about their trip.

We set off early
 Saturday morning and after a long journey (stuck on the M40 as they had shut the motorway) arrived in London to drop our sleeping bags off at The Natural History Museum.  We then set off for lunch at Planet Hollywood. Everyone knew who we were when Staffordshire Girlguiding Rocks came on the screen and all 49 of us cheered!

After lunch it was an interesting walk through the streets of London to M&M World. So many comments from the public as a sea of yellow paraded through the streets: “Aren’t they cute”; “Yey, it’s the Brownies”; “blimey those adults are mad” and lots of photos being taken.  The brownies faces were a picture as they walked into M&M World. How can you choose what colour to have!!!!

Next on our list was a short walk to Hamleys toy shop. So many toys, games and puzzles and that was just at the entrance. After 5 floors of searching everyone had a souvenir of some sort!!! Time was running out so a quick walk and we got to the tube. What a sight we were with lots of yellow uniforms taking over the platform! Would we get on the same tube? Phew we made it.

Excitement was building as we were now due at the Natural History Museum. Grabbing a roll, mat, into the main hall we went. Wow! What a vision. 400 people setting out their place for the night with a huge dinosaur looming over us all. Our first activity involved decorating a t-shirt. The brownies enjoyed this as they could take them home. A talk about really deep sea fish followed with specimens of the most weird and disgusting fish. It was enough to give you nightmares. Finally there was a scary torch light trail around one area of the museum with lots of the dinosaurs in the dark ready to scare us!!! Midnight arrived and we all snuggled down for a night under the dinosaurs. Would they come alive??? We hoped not!!!

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