Three years ago 2nd Stone Brownies took over a small piece of land known as the ‘Brownie Bed’. Each year the Brownies choose a theme for the land and design what they’re going to plant in it.

This year the Royal Horticultural Society’s theme was Edible Britain and so the Brownies decided to plant vegetables and herbs as well as making the garden bee friendly. The Brownies were helped by local ‘Stone in Bloom’ volunteers who maintain the area and plant an abundance of flowers throughout Stone.

All of the Brownies helped to plant and maintain the garden and made little creatures such as hedgehogs and ladybirds to hide amongst vegetables and plants.

Over the summer the judges from A Heart of England in Bloom came to judge the bed as part of Stone in Bloom . Four Brownies met with the judges and expertly answered questions about the names of the herbs, vegetables and plants.

With the help of the Brownies, Stone was awarded ‘Gold’ for the 7th year running.

Brownie Guider, Helen Whetnall, said that the Brownies were most amazed by how many pumpkins grew from just two plants. “They’ve recently been turned into lanterns for our Pumpkin Party and Brown Owl is making pumpkin soup with the rest.”

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